Creating Images from text descriptions using DALL-E

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.

I’m able to write a simple or even a complex text description and an AI / computer generates the images for me within a few seconds. There are a few of these AI-based image services out there. I’m currently trying out DALL-E.

Here are a few photos I’ve generated recently

Text prompts are in “quotes” followed by the image that DALL-E generated for me:

“Cybertronic robot orange and white, LEDs, high detail, sharp, studio, digital art”

“Photograph of a spaceship rising out of the ocean. The sun is setting and and there is a large planet visible in the sky. Someone wearing a robe stands on a cliff looking at the spaceship.”

“A white fur monster in a blue room”

“A Cybertronic robot full body on a mountain top overlooking a lake city, LEDs, high detail, sharp, studio, digital art, 8k”

“The solar system without words, digital art”

“A portrait of a hamster in a library, Sigma 85 mm f/1.4.”

“Photograph of a robot with red spikey hair on a mountain top overlooking a lake. There is a large planet system in the sky on the horizon.”