You can find my public repos on GitHub

And below are some fun projects and code examples I’ve worked on 🙂


This is a fun little Python app that downloads and deletes the oldest files (photos and videos) in your iCloud account, leaving the newest files in iCloud so you could still see them on your phone.

The app can be configured to also not delete anything from iCloud. But again the idea is to leave the newest files in your iCloud and on your apple device(s). And have the oldest ones downloaded so you can save a little iCloud space.

Get the source code here and check out the README file to get started.

Google Sheets App Script

Some JavaScript code (used as a Google Sheets App Script) to copy and transform entries from one Google sheet to another.

The main reason I wrote this code is so I could transform the data from a source sheet that I had no control over and into a target sheet to do what I needed. Along the way I found it was a challenge to get the rich text from a cell where there were multiple rich text values (e.g. multiple lines of text each with their own link) but was solved using the getRuns() function 🙂

Source code for the app script is here

The Anagram Test

How do you test if two strings are an anagram of each other? Watch this video to find out! Or read more in my post.