ChatGPT: AI writes and codes!

ChatGPT is an AI-based app that is apparently open for people to test and I think is in a sort of preview mode at the moment.

So today I tried ChatGPT and it blew me away!

The idea is you give it a single sentence such as “Write me a blog post about moons in the solar system” or “write a python program to download an XML news feed” and it replies with what looks like a human generated response.

Awesome! But scary at the same time…

How good is it? It actually can write really well. And it can code. In multiple programming languages. Python, C#, PHP. Probably more.

Check out the below video of me write a sentence or two and then the app replies back with a detailed, well written response. In some cases to include actual computer code; I tried running a couple of code examples it generated and the code did work on my computer.